The Hotel of Yes

by Susan on January 30, 2013


Have you ever visited the Hotel of No?

You know the place.  You call down for something to eat, and room service is closed.  You ask for extra towels, and the clerk says that there is no one to bring them to your room.  You’re running late and need an extra hour, and the woman on the other end of the phone cackles and says she’ll charge you for another night.

You may have also stopped by the Restaurant of No, or the Boutique of No, or the Etsy Store of No.  These businesses have really detailed policies and procedures.  Their operations manuals are a foot thick, and their job descriptions cover the minutest of detail.  “Give an inch, and they’ll take a mile” is the closest thing to a mission statement at these Companies of Uncooperativeness.  They know that bending the rules may mean they have break them, and then, well, then all hell would break loose.

Or would it?

What if you thought of a way to say yes to every request?

Yes, you can have something to eat.  Room service is closed, so we don’t have the full menu, but there are two cold options you can choose from.

Yes, you are welcome to extra towels.  If you are in a rush, you can stop by the front desk and pick some up.  Otherwise, I’ll have housekeeping bring extras the next time they clean your room.

Yes, you can stay an extra hour.  I need to see when the housekeeping team is scheduled to clean your room for the next guest.  As long as there is no conflict, you can take some extra time.

What if you answered every guest request the way you would answer it in your own home?  Sure, you might not have the exact thing your visitor asks for, but you would always offer an alternative suggestion.

Role play this with your team, and see if you can’t figure out how to be the Hotel of Yes.

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