Test and Trust

by Susan on January 14, 2012


Here is my article on how to test the market for new business ideas without spending a lot of money.

While I believe all of the advice in that article is good — I did write it, after all — I also think that there comes a time when you have to stop researching and start doing.

I started Hive Marketing after a week’s worth of contemplation, and I did very little research.  Part of the reason for that was the fact that what I wanted to do (help hotels with social media) wasn’t being done yet in early 2009.  I knew that I could solve a problem that would soon begin to matter for hospitality companies — how to add new marketing channels into the mix while simultaneously cutting sales and marketing staff.  And so I took the chance that the market would catch up.  I was right.

My point isn’t to throw caution to the wind, but rather to trust yourself.  Even if you are off-base (I was about a year too early for the critical mass of my clients), you can adjust accordingly.

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