Long Distance Ladies: Leigh Anna

by Susan on April 29, 2014

leigh anna

I just counted up my travel days in 2013, and it was somewhere between 79 and 85 (I kept losing count).  I’m not on the road as much as some people, but I travel enough to know that anything that can make a business trip easier and more fun is worth paying attention to.  In an effort to improve my quality of life on the road, I’m asking women who travel for business three questions about what they do to make business travel better.  Welcome to Long Distance Ladies!

Meet Leigh Anna Herring, Sales and Marketing Executive at Grander Images.  In addition to a busy schedule of trade shows and travel, Leigh Anna is beautiful and hilarious.  Here’s what she had to say.

Packing.  What is your best packing tip for women who are traveling on business?  Any special tactics you use to avoid wrinkles, spills, or other packing disasters?

Leigh Anna says: To avoid packing disasters in checked bags, I double bag any liquid toiletries.  Eye makeup remover, mouthwash, hairspray, etc….bag them in a hefty Ziploc bag then bag them again.

Also, realizing that I am confessing a moment of inexcusable lack of judgment:  never, ever, ever put your laptop in your checked bag.  Once, years ago, I was weighed down with paperwork and catalogs in my work bag.  I needed to go through those papers and catalogs on the plane ride home.  So, in shoved my laptop into the center of my suitcase, in between clothes, and thought happy thoughts.   Somewhere between TSA inspections and the delicate loading, and unloading, of my suitcase by baggage handlers, my laptop was smashed.

Gear.  What’s the most important piece of gear in your travel kit?  (Feel free to list more than one.)

Leigh Anna says: (1) Travel neck pillow.  It’s a must for sleeping in an upright seat on the plane. (2) Laxatives and Metamucil.  Traveling totally dehydrates me and plugs me up.  (3) Tennis shoes and workout clothes.  I like to eat well when I travel, so the continuation of my exercise regimen on the road makes me feel better about that.

Adventure.  How do you make business travel more fun?  Or less of a drag?  Any special safety or networking tips for women on the road?

Leigh Anna says: (1)  The aforementioned “I like to eat well.”  As soon as I book at trip to a new city, I start scouring the interwebs for food reviews and reach out to my foodie friends for recommendations.  (2)  The next thing I do is check Pollstar or Live Nation to see if any good bands are playing while I’m in town.

Thank you, Leigh Anna!  I’m a big fan of seeing shows on the road, too.

Psst.  Wanna play along? Email me.

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