How to Improve TripAdvisor Ranking

by Susan on January 14, 2016

I’ve written and talked a lot about how to improve a hotel’s TripAdvisor ranking.  In fact, I wrote a book about it!

If I had to pick out just one thing that every hotel can do without spending any money to improve their scores on TripAdvisor, it would be this:

Ask your guests for reviews.

Seems simple, isn’t easy.

It’s not easy to do this because hotel leaders tell their teams to do it, but they don’t tell them how to do it.  And the fact of the matter is, no one is born knowing how to ask this sort of awkward question.

A traveler is four times more likely to write a review when something goes wrong.  If the stay is fine, or even great, you may never hear about it on a review site.  When you make a plan to interrupt this natural behavior, you can increase the number of positive reviews you get, which leads in turn to a better TripAdvisor ranking over time.

Three Steps:

  1. Decide you’re going to focus on asking for reviews and talk about it with the team.
  2. Support the idea by devoting time to role-playing the question.  Practice asking for good reviews!
  3. Share the best examples that come out of those role plays with the whole team.

Bonus: Five Examples of What to Say

  1. [Ask when you receive a compliment.] Thanks, so glad you enjoyed it! If you think other travelers might want to try our [thing], you should write a review on TripAdvisor.
  2. [Add to your check-out verbiage.]  It’s been a pleasure having you.  If you enjoyed your experience, I would so appreciate a positive review on TripAdvisor!
  3. [Bring up at a post-con meeting.]  We would love to get your feedback on TripAdvisor!
  4. [Include a written request in outlet check presenters.]  We appreciate your business and would love to get your feedback on TripAdvisor.
  5. [Request on outbound emails with a link.]  To share your feedback, write a review on our TripAdvisor page.

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