How I Closed Out 2011

by Susan on January 4, 2012

My smile is just a cry for help. Just kidding. It was fun.

I am kind of embarrassed to say that the end of 2011 did not involve much introspection from me.  While I usually like to think and plan and think and plan some more during the last week of December, I did nothing of the sort this year.  Due to a tight first quarter travel schedule, I spent the end of 2011 researching, writing, and shooting six hours of video.

The video series that I’m launching in 2012 will help hoteliers use social media more effectively.  I’ve spoken a lot about using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for your hotel over the last three years, so I decided to press record and see what would happen.  The verdict is still out on the finished product (although I did get to see a sneak peek tonight), but here’s what I do know.

1.  Standing still is hard, especially for that length of time!  I woke up the next morning so sore that I had to schedule an emergency visit to the chiropractor. I would have squeezed in a massage, too, if I could have!

2.  Apparently, adjusting errant hairs is, like, 50% of any production.  Good Lord!  I never knew that my hair was so eager to escape.

I'm standing on an apple box due to extreme shortness.

3.  You look like yourself on video.  Much to my dismay, the camera did not perform an emergency face lift.  And, while it may have added 10 pounds, it added those pounds to the already ample padding that was there.  The cheese crackers and bacon, not the camera, are what make you fat.

4.  It would be super-easy to turn crazy if you did that every day.  Every time we stopped, I was surrounded by people catering to my every need.  The hair and makeup person was constantly adjusting me and adding lip gloss.  The sound guy listened for noises I though only dogs could hear and fiddled with my wires.  And the director spoke soothingly, as though to a caged animal, no doubt afraid that I would bolt.  Everyone was so nice and accommodating that I no longer blame diva actresses for their prima donna behavior.  They totally can’t help it.

5.  It is much, much harder to talk to a camera than you think it is.  Even if you’re the most outgoing person in the world.  Even if public speaking makes you high rather than nervous.  Even if you know the material like the back of your hand.  I swear.

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