Guest Post: Take Your Pink Dress Out for a Spin

by Susan on April 18, 2012

I’m excited to welcome my friend, Kimberly Ward, as a guest blogger.  Kimberly and I have appeared on a number of social media panels together.  At a recent event for the American Institute of Architects, Kimberly used a great analogy to describe how she decides what to post where, and it was so good that I asked her to write a post for me about it.  Thanks for joining us, Kimberly! –Susan

Kimberly Ward of

One of my friends was applying for a social media position with a firm specializing in marketing for companies such as Toyota, McDonald’s, and The Home Depot.

She called me for ideas that would set her apart from the other candidates.  My initial thought was, “Why didn’t she pass the opportunity on to me???”  I write an interior design blog, pinkeggshell.  My core demographics align perfectly with the mission of the hiring company, and I have spoken at various conferences on the topic of social media.  My friend, on the other hand, does not write a blog, is not active on Facebook, and doesn’t even have a Twitter account!

I can only image that the person reviewing her application thought, “How can we take her seriously, when she’s not even on Twitter?!”

This might be extreme for what you are dealing with, but in a sense it applies to any business.  These days, how can your clients take you seriously if you are still not engaging in social media?

For several years now, I’ve tried to really listen to what people have to say about how social media has crept into their lives.  Many people feel that it is more of a hindrance than help, something else to manage in an already hectic day.

I get it.

I too went kicking and screaming into social media, but I did go.  I remain an interior designer first and a design blogger second. I work full time as a designer and support my family from that profession.  I need to be working, so I had to figure out a way to make it work for me without taking too much time out of my busy workday.

I decided to treat my social media activity like I treat my closet.

The main thing is to figure out is what you will be sharing and where you will be sharing it.  Think of your main web presence (blog or website – your business) as your closet.  You have all of the clothes that you have collected throughout your life in there.

On Facebook, post things like pictures of you in the clothes; stories about where you bought the clothes; how you take care of the clothes; and updates about how you’re changing the closet around each season.  You get the picture.

For Twitter, send out qanauick little updates that can afford to be forgotten soon after they are said.  Try messages like: “Love Jenny in those white pants – gotta add them to my closet.” Or, “Marshalls has White pants on sale until Friday.”

As you progress, add images to both places — detailed pictures of your immaculately organized closed with how-to tips on Facebook, and a quick shot of a dress from Saks for your Twitter friends to vote on (great help for impulse buyers!).


There are all kinds of things you can pull out of your web “closet,” and all kinds of places to show off your favorite items.  When you think about social media that way, you’ll find it easier to incorporate Twitter and Facebook into your day.

Next time, we’ll talk about what to bring out of your closet for LinkedIn, the professional record of your life experience, and Google+, Facebook’s younger, more handsome brother.

Until then,

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