Social Media

Join as many as you are allowed. Right now, that number is 50. You don’t have to be active in all of those groups, but you should definitely belong to them. Since LinkedIn search is biased by how you’re connected to someone, sharing a group membership is a great way to get an in with […]


How to Fix Your Facebook Email Preferences

by Susan on June 25, 2012

Facebook keeps messing with us. I usually roll my eyes when people complain about Facebook changes.  I mean, it’s a free site; they can do whatever they want.  Facebook users are not Facebook’s customers – we are the product they sell to their real customers, the advertisers.  So, in my opinion, Facebook users should shut […]


Cheat Sheet for Facebook Insights

by Susan on May 7, 2012

When Facebook unveiled the new and improved version of Insights in December, I spent an enormous amount of time studying them so that I could explain them to my clients.  I read all of the explanations and tutorials, and I worked through the data. And I still confused the hell out of everyone to whom […]


Facebook: A Collection of Weird Things

by Susan on April 25, 2012

Here are some screen shots I’ve taken of weird things on Facebook lately. In this one, I was checking on Intel’s then-new Timeline, and a Facebook friend’s post mentioning the word “intel” showed up on the right side of the page.  Notice that she didn’t tag the company and that the post was from November, […]