My Facebook Fall from Grace

by Susan on March 14, 2014

I started getting itchy about Facebook last September.  I noticed that reach (how many people see a given post on Facebook) was declining for my hotel clients, and following the rules I had followed for years wasn’t making it better.  I had my own – possibly paranoid – theories about how Facebook was tweaking its […]


WTF? Three Tips for Hotel Facebook Pages

by Susan on January 9, 2013

What the Facebook?  Facebook is crazy, y’all. Anyone who uses Facebook as an individual has probably noticed how few of your friends show up in the News Feed, and what a weird assortment of pages appear.  And certainly anyone who manages a Facebook page (or 10+, in my case) can tell you that Reach and […]


EdgeRank Explained in Plain English

by Susan on October 9, 2012

EdgeRank is the algorithm Facebook uses to decide who sees what posts.  Every post gets a different EdgeRank score for every user.  The relationship of a specific user to the post determines its EdgeRank.  While most of that data is private, we can get a general idea of what’s working and not working. Pages with […]


How to Fix Your Facebook Email Preferences

by Susan on June 25, 2012

Facebook keeps messing with us. I usually roll my eyes when people complain about Facebook changes.  I mean, it’s a free site; they can do whatever they want.  Facebook users are not Facebook’s customers – we are the product they sell to their real customers, the advertisers.  So, in my opinion, Facebook users should shut […]