Memory Lane Monday

Memory Lane Monday: Pretty in Porn

by Susan on January 22, 2013

Source: via Susan on Pinterest It’s been a while since I’ve done a Memory Lane Monday post, so if you’re new, you might want to catch up on the time I took several VIPs into an occupied bathroom; or the time I thought I had lice at work; or the time I learned what […]


Memory Lane Monday: Swingers

by Susan on April 16, 2012

The world after September 11, 2001, was a new place.  A lot of people compared the shock of it to Pearl Harbor at the time because it engendered the same feeling that you had just been punched in the gut that my grandparents no doubt felt when they heard about the bombing.  Everyone was sad […]


Memory Lane Monday: Silence

by Susan on February 14, 2012

I got my first Director of Sales and Marketing position about a month after the September 11 attacks.  My predecessor had been fired, and I was promoted from a sister hotel.  (Which happened to be six blocks down the street.  And have the same flag and almost exactly the same name.  That was fun to […]

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Memory Lane Monday: Mind Capture

by Susan on January 9, 2012

“Memory Lane Mondays” is back!  On occasional Mondays, I will present you with the story of one of my most embarrassing moments in the hotel business. There are no profound lessons to be gleaned from these tales – just pure pointing-and-laughing-type humor. Enjoy! I did my first MOD shift in the winter of 1999. An […]