Is Demand Infinite?

by Susan on May 2, 2016

I was born in Panama City, Florida and recently had the good fortune to spend several weeks there with my family during my move from Portland (Maine) back home to Atlanta. At every social gathering I attended during those two months, the hottest topic of conversation was Spring Break. Traditionally, the month of March brings […]


How to Invest Your Budget Dollars

by Susan on June 30, 2015

As you prepare your hotel’s sales and marketing budget for next year, question the assumptions that have kept your hotel spending money on the wrong things for years. For an overview of all the ways you can spend your money and the type of return you can expect on each investment, grab our overview grid […]


Eastland Meets Westin

by Susan on May 1, 2015

Old cocktail napkins, postcards, and orchestra playlists are just a few of the things that make historic hotels so fun to sell.  We put together this campaign for The Westin Portland Harborview, which opened as the Eastland Hotel in 1927.  Our goal was to gather the memories and memorabilia collected by the Portland community. Here […]


What is the best hotel strategy to increase occupancy and revenue? How can we differentiate ourselves to  compete with other big hotel competitors? This is a big question!  I’ll give a few general ideas here and suggest you hire a hotel sales and marketing consultant to help with a detailed plan and execution.  (Note that […]