Sales Meeting Exercise: The Pig

by Susan on August 2, 2016

Team building or ice breaker exercises are a great way to start a hotel sales meeting.  Over the years, I’ve collected several that work for different circumstances.  “The Pig” is a great exercise to use in times of transition — either when you as the Director of Sales & Marketing are new to a team, […]


Lies of Sales & Marketing Expense Budgeting

June 7, 2016

Y’all.  It’s almost hotel budget season.  Yes, last year’s budget season just ended, and hotel execs have just gotten their schedules back from the countless meetings — meetings before the meetings, meetings, and meetings after the meetings that make up the circle (circus?) of doom that is setting a hotel’s annual budget. But it’s that […]

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Is Demand Infinite?

May 2, 2016

I was born in Panama City, Florida and recently had the good fortune to spend several weeks there with my family during my move from Portland (Maine) back home to Atlanta. At every social gathering I attended during those two months, the hottest topic of conversation was Spring Break. Traditionally, the month of March brings […]

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Silly Putty Supply: The Real Way Airbnb Hurts Hotels

March 24, 2016

Are hotels losing business to Airbnb? This is a hotly debated question in the hotel industry, most recently at the Hunter Hotel Conference held last week in Atlanta. Tyler Morse, CEO and managing partner of MCR Development, said, “AirBNB isn’t a factor in suburban New Jersey or suburban Denver, it just doesn’t matter.”  [Source] Meanwhile, […]

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