Is Demand Infinite?

by Susan on May 2, 2016

I was born in Panama City, Florida and recently had the good fortune to spend several weeks there with my family during my move from Portland (Maine) back home to Atlanta. At every social gathering I attended during those two months, the hottest topic of conversation was Spring Break. Traditionally, the month of March brings […]


Four Quick Hits for Increasing Hotel Revenue

April 16, 2015

What is the best hotel strategy to increase occupancy and revenue? How can we differentiate ourselves to  compete with other big hotel competitors? This is a big question!  I’ll give a few general ideas here and suggest you hire a hotel sales and marketing consultant to help with a detailed plan and execution.  (Note that […]

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Travel Blogger Room Requests

February 16, 2015

“As travel blogger, people ask me to help them get cheap hotel rooms.  Would calling the sales office work?” If I were a travel blogger, I would get out of the business of trying to get deals on behalf of other people.  Hotel Directors of Sales and Marketing get bombarded with requests from bloggers, journalists, […]

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Retail to Hospitality Conversion

November 16, 2014

Is moving from retail to hospitality a backwards move? I’m a biased hotel person, but I don’t think moving into hospitality is ever a bad idea! You’ll use a lot of the same skills you honed in retail – making emotional connections with customers; staying positive when the going gets rough; dealing with an ever-changing […]

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